Penguin 2 and the Future of Link Building

Penguin 2 and the Future of Link Building

So May was another month of change for the world of SEO, with Google’s Penguin 2 algorithm update taking effect. Penguin 2 being the 4th Penguin update (!), called 2 because it’s the second algorithmic update as opposed to merely a data refresh.

So what are the implications of Penguin 2? Essentially there is nothing new from what we can see, just more of the same:-
– continued negation of automated/ spam links (good)
– increased weight on sites with good, shareable content (good)
– continued focus on user-experience, and negation of overt SEO tactics i.e. SEO for SEO sakes (bad for SEO’ers)
– More control over SERPs visibility on certain sectors i.e Porn (good)

See Matt Cutt’s video explaining Penguin 2:-

Whilst the frequency of updates is a cause for concern within the SEO world, the overall thrust, I believe, is positive for users i.e. less spam sites, less domination of page 1 of the SERPs by 1 or 2 web sites, hopefully greater control over the wildcats of the web i.e. PaydayLoans/ Porn.

What are the implications for the SEO fraternity? Good, long-term, sustainable SEO practices remain unchanged – building good quality web sites, with good sharable content, and developing diverse, natural (where possible) link equity from trusted and relevant sources. It does create challenges as natural link strategies such as this are not easy, and definately not quick-impact.

One of the big outputs here for the SEO agency world I believe is setting client expectations – SEO is not a quick-win, and this is even more true now post Penguin. Strategies rely on developing good, unique, interesting content, and developing shareable content, over time, that people/ sites will link to, naturally.

This is good news to ethical SEO’ers, bad news for the quick-win merchants, link-builders for out and out SEO purposes. Black days for back hat (good).

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by admin  |  June 8, 2013