Regroup launch Billingham Chinese website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the official China web presence for Billingham Bags (, designed and built by Regroup China. Billingham Bags are a mark of quality and provide unrivalled protection for cameras and equipment. Regroup have established a solid footing for Billingham in China over the last 12-months via WeChat and Weibo, and the launch of a Chinese web site is the next logical step to increasing market share in the world’s largest market.

The Chinese economy is restarting. Should British businesses look to sell more to China to help stay afloat in these difficult times? Scott Muir, director and founder of ReGroup China has been helping British companies market and sell to China for the last 9 years. If you want to hear why his international clients have been cutting back on other markets to focus on China in these testing times listen to the latest episode of the UK Export Advice Podcast:

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April 30th 2020 BST

You will learn:

  • What is WeChat?
  • What are the steps to registering an account?
  • How can WeChat be used to reach and engage with your audience?
  • What are WeChat Mini-Programs?
  • How can Mini Programs be used to sell to your audience in China?
  • What do you need to know about WeChat pay?
  • How can WeChat be used to advertise to your market? #rethinkchina


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April 07

China is the biggest online market in the world. How do you protect your name online in China? What are the key considerations, and how to strategise? Join this webinar, with guest speaker Scott Muir – MD of Regroup China. Regroup provide dedicated digital marketing services for UK businesses reaching China. One of Regroups’ core services is in protecting Brands and Individuals reputation online in China, providing services for Online Reputation Management, Brand Monitoring and Brand Protection.

Key topics:

  • The Digital landscape in China – the key channels
  • ‘Owning’ your assets/ protecting your name
  • Monitoring brand noise/ How to keep informed
  • Addressing negative coverage – pre-emptive/ proactive tactics
  • Questions



Scott Muir, Director and Founder of Regroup Media & Regroup China

About Regroup China:
Formed by experienced digital marketeers and technicians, Regroup China is a specialist digital agency committed to helping Western brands define and action strategy for growth in China – the World’s largest online marketplace.We have amassed many years’ experience working with some of the biggest brand names and retailers globally, across multiple online disciplines in China.

Start date: 07/04/2020 09:30

End date: 07/04/2020 10:30

Venue: Webinar

Address: Online



CBBC was pleased to host Scott Muir, CEO at Regroup China, today in our London headquarters, he addressed attendees on the topic of digital China for our inaugural member-exclusive Lunch & Learn event.

After an introduction to Scott Muir and his organisation by CBBC’s Sector Lead for Retail, Jack Porteous, around 30 delegates from our members – representing core sectors such as Education, Professional Services and Engineering – were able to gain insight into key channels for B2B engagement in China.

Scott Muir gave a comprehensive understanding of key channels that are utilised, in particular, WeChat, which holds great potential for businesses. He stressed the importance of WeChat, which offers e-commerce functionality to a userbase of over 1 billion while maintaining a highly user-friendly and sophisticated user interface. He also explained how much the app is due to evolve, with Tencent’s vision for the app to become an ‘ecosystem’.

He also referred to the significance of Linkedin, a more familiar tool for many in the UK, identifying that it can be used uniquely in regards to China, as one of the few western channels given a platform, search optimisation is also key where businesses can target users via filtering demographics and also finding a means to network with outward-looking Chinese businesses seeking collaboration and an international market.

The session highlighted best practice in capitalising upon online tools to target the biggest online market worldwide – with over 800 million internet users in China – it is clear that having an online presence is vital for success in the thriving Chinese market.

After an engaging Q&A, members stayed to have lunch and network with one another and CBBC staff, the day proved a great success with more events to follow, so stay tuned!


Scott Muir and Jack Porteous taking members’ questions during the Q&A

We are pleased to announce that Scott Muir, our MD will be speaking at the CBBC in London this month about digital marketing for a B2B market in China.

February 27

CBBC is delighted to announce a new Lunch and Learn series, available exclusively to our members. Join us for the first session as we welcome Scott Muir, CEO of ReGroup China, to share his expertise on digital marketing in China for B2B companies.

In this session we will cover:

  • What are the key online B2B channels to reach your audience in China
  • In focus – We will look at:
    • The role of LinkedIn
    • The role of WeChat for B2B
    • What other channels can be considered to reach a B2B audience in China?
  • What are the key considerations in managing a strategy to reach a B2B audience?
  • Questions/ Answers

For more information please visit:

We are pleased to announce the launch of the vintage watch web site – Black Goose. (

Regroup designed the brand identity, produced the web site, and defined social media strategy in support of the launch. The vintage watch market is booming and Black Goose come in to the market with a passion and wealth of experience of collectable watches, pens and other items. #setthegooseloose

Regroup wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! 2020 has endless gains for rats!