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Welcome to my site where I post regularly about all things digital marketing.

As a brief introduction, I am founder of Regroup Media and Regroup China, businesses that are dedicated to helping brands increase their market share both in the West, and in China; the largest online marketplace in the World.

Enjoy the commentary and feel free to engage.

For more information on me, click here for my LinkedIn profile – http://uk.linkedin.com/in/scottmuir

Core Expertise
  • Digital Marketing for China
  • WeChat Marketing
  • Weibo Marketing
  • Baidu PPC & SEO
  • Google PPC & SEO
  • E-commerce development – Magento & Shopify
  • App Build

Incredibly, this year knitwear brand John Smedley celebrates its 238th birthday. The company continues to move forward – patiently, gracefully,...

by scott  |  June 21, 2022
Regroup launches the new web site for 3D Neopac

Regroup have overseen a total makeover of the new 3D Neopac web site. 3D Neopac is India’s leading plastic tubes...

by scott  |  June 10, 2022
Why should 618 be a key date in the retail calendar for global brands?

618 is rapidly approaching again. Why should 618 be a key date in the retail calendar for global brands? For...

by scott  |  June 6, 2022
WeChat Mini Programs Usage Continues to thrive

WeChat’s app-store like mini programs (an app within an app) has topped the 450 million daily active users according to...

by scott  |  May 10, 2022
Happy Chinese New Year

by scott  |  February 4, 2022
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone.

by scott  |  December 23, 2021
Regroup Launch China Digital Channels for Swiss Engineering Firm Aisa

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Chinese website and WeChat presence for Aisa Automation Industrielle (https://cn.aisa.com/),...

by scott  |  October 19, 2021
Regroup launch Eugen Wegner Chinese website

Regroup have launched German watchmaker Eugen Wegner’s Chinese website and Wechat store as key initiatives to help the brand establish...

by scott  |  September 29, 2021