Regroup China to be involved in the UK-China Tech Accelerator Program

Regroup China to be involved in the UK-China Tech Accelerator Program

We are pleased to announce our involvement with the UK-China Tech Accelerator Program this month, organised by the CBBC and Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, with Scott Muir our MD speaking at the program.


China is the fastest growing and most dynamic global market for emerging digital technologies. With 854 million internet users, a vibrant consumer economy, and a supportive policy regime, China has seen large scale investment into telecoms infrastructure and 5G, as well widespread deployment of IoT, AI an blockchain technologies across many sectors. The UK has an increasingly vibrant ecosystem of tech start-ups, and there are growing opportunities for UK-based tech innovators to find new growth opportunities in the China market and work with China base partners and investors.

UK-China Accelerator Programme

Co-organized by China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) and Shenzhen Venture Capital Association (SZVCA), the UK-China Tech Accelerator is a tailored programme for UK-based tech start-ups and scale-ups to explore the China opportunity and connect digitally with Chinese clients, partners and investors. The programme will also prepare participants for doing business in China, through a series of market briefings and sector insights.

For more information the CBBC’s site

by sckoda  |  July 9, 2020