WeChat Mini Programs Usage Continues to thrive

WeChat Mini Programs Usage Continues to thrive

WeChat’s app-store like mini programs (an app within an app) has topped the 450 million daily active users according to...

by sckoda  |  May 10, 2022
WeChat Mini Programs – Selling to China via WeChat Webinar

WeChat’s Mini Programs can facilitate e-commerce functionality on WeChat and is amongst the most popular in China for social commerce....

by sckoda  |  March 2, 2021
The Great British Food Programme, an initiative delivered by Business West, is partnering up with Regroup China, a digital marketing agency which specialises in driving Chinese cross-border eCommerce sales, to launch the Great British Food Store.

Great to announce Regroup China’s involvement in this very exciting project. A trailblazing initiative involving DIT and Business West, helping...

by sckoda  |  October 15, 2020
Why WeChat Mini Programs can be key for UK brands wishing to test the market in China

As anyone who has visited China recently will know, WeChat is enormous, with over 1- billion users, it is the...

by scodaauthor  |  November 11, 2019
Regroup to run WeChat seminar in conjunction with the CBBC in London: Boosting engagement and sales through WeChat Mini-Programmes

Launched in January 2017, WeChat mini-programmes, or sub-apps within WeChat official accounts, have widened possibilities for marketers by adding additional...

by scodaauthor  |  January 10, 2019
The Monetisation of WeChat and a Shifting Power-Balance in China’s e-commerce Landscape

Interesting developments last month at Tencent’s WeChat, where a new Android update roll-out may affect the power-balance between China’s Internet...

by scodaauthor  |  January 21, 2014