The Power of YouTube

The Power of YouTube

youtubeI had the pleasure of visiting Google HQ in Dublin this week to meet with our account management team, on Regroup business.

Every time I meet with Google, they flag up the huge potential reach offered by YouTube for advertisers looking to raise brand awareness to reach a mas market.

The potential offered by YouTube is undoubtedly massive. According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults aged between 18-34 than any other cable network.

YouTube is the Western World’s 2nd biggest Search Engine (albeit for Video). Like with many Social Media channels, that road is littered with misfiring campaigns, by Brands, sometimes using the media for the sake of being involved.

However there are some incredible success stories. I think it is heartening to see exciting, young brands embracing Social, executing campaigns on comparatively low budgets, but absolutely hitting the sweet spot in term of messaging, media usage, and playing to the viral potential.

A great example, and one often used by Google themselves (YouTube’s owners) is these guys – GoPro, who make portable cameras tailor made for outdoor sports/ extreme sports and in fact anything else outdoor. Their YouTube channel has become a serious concern with inexpensively made, but professional video clips often exceeding a million views.

Of course their products are tailor made for the making of great viral material, and they are capitalising on this. Check out their Channel –

And have a look at this clip below that reached over 3 million views – amazing what can be achieved with a few cameras and a skier.

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by scoda subscriber  |  June 14, 2014