WeChat Mini Programs Usage Continues to thrive

WeChat Mini Programs Usage Continues to thrive

WeChat’s app-store like mini programs (an app within an app) has topped the 450 million daily active users according to the WeChat Open Class Pro 2022 event earlier this year.

Mini-program usage is up 32% year on year, with an 80% increase in users paying via mini programs. There are now over 1 million mini programs available on WeChat, reflecting a boom in usage, on what is China’s #1 digital ecosystem.

Why is it important?

WeChat is part of the fabric of Chinese society, and mini programs provide an opportunity for brands to generate greater engagement with their audience and to monetise their Wechat traffic. Setting up a mini program shop on WeChat linked to WeChat pay is relatively straight forward and cost-effective, and perfect as a vehicle to test the market.

Mini programs allow users to access a wide range of services without ever leaving the main app. The system offers merchants a chance to access a huge user-base by building lightweight apps within WeChat instead of having to develop a separate app and convince users to go there.

Regroup China continues to be at the forefront of mini program development, having launch multi-brand stores and single brand stores for many leading UK retail brands.

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by sckoda  |  May 10, 2022